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Welcome to the Easy-Divided-by long division step by step caluculator. You can use this tool to calculate and visualize compelete long division of numbers.

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6510 divided by 62

What is Long Division?

Long division is a method of dividing one number by another using a series of written steps. It is a process where you break down a division problem into smaller, more manageable steps to find the quotient and remainder. The steps involve dividing, multiplying, and subtracting.

Here's a general overview of how long division works:

  • Dividend: This is the number you want to divide. Write it inside the long division symbol (usually a bracket or a horizontal line).
  • Divisor: This is the number you are dividing by. Write it outside the long division symbol.
  • Quotient: The result of each division step is called the quotient. It is the number you write above the division symbol.
  • Multiplication: Multiply the divisor by the digit you placed above the division symbol, and write the result below the dividend. This step helps you determine how many times the divisor can be subtracted from the part of the dividend you're currently looking at.
  • Subtraction: Subtract the result obtained in the multiplication step from the part of the dividend you are currently considering.
  • Bring down: Bring down the next digit of the dividend, and repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have brought down all the digits of the dividend.
  • Repeat: Continue the process until you have either a remainder of zero or a remainder smaller than the divisor. The final result is the quotient.

The process continues until you've either divided all the digits of the dividend or until the remainder is zero or small enough to stop.

Long Division Example: 3328 divided by 13

In this example, 13 is the divisor, 3328 is the dividend, and 256 is the quotient. The process involves repeated steps of division, multiplication, and subtraction until the remainder is zero.

$$ \begin{array}{rl} & 0256 \phantom{00} \leftarrow Quotient \\[-4pt] Divisor \rightarrow \phantom{0} 13 \kern-1ex & \kern-1ex \enclose{longdiv}{3328} \phantom{0} \leftarrow Dividend \\[-4pt] & \phantom{} \underline{\phantom{} 0\phantom{0}} \\[-4pt] & \phantom{} 3 3 \\[-4pt] & \phantom{} \underline{\phantom{} 26\phantom{0}} \\[-4pt] & \phantom{0} 7 2 \\[-4pt] & \phantom{0} \underline{\phantom{} 65\phantom{0}} \\[-4pt] & \phantom{00} 7 8 \\[-4pt] & \phantom{00} \underline{\phantom{} 78\phantom{0}} \\[-4pt] & \phantom{000} 0 \phantom{0} \leftarrow Remainder \\[-4pt] \end{array} $$

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